Final Program 

This program is "virtually" final. We apologise if we have to make last minute changes, but we will attempt to notify delegates at the earliest opportunity. 

Please click on this link to download a copy of the final program (last updated 10/11/19)

Please click on this link to see Thursday's pre-conference abstracts and bios of presenters

Please click on this link to see Friday's (day 1) abstracts and bios of presenters

Please click on this link to see Saturday's (day 2) abstracts and bios of presenters

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Thursday 21/11/19 - Pre-conference workshops

These are separate events to the actual conference, and requires a separate payment. 

#1 - Full day workshop with Ben Furman. . 

Kids’Skills – a simple, practical, positive, and easy-to-learn solution-focused approach to helping kids and adults alike.

Kids’Skills is an effective, creative and fun and completely solution-focused protocol for helping children, teenagers and even adults to overcome all kinds of psychological problems from innocent bad habits to aggressive outbursts of anger, and from depression to OCD. During the day you will learn how to convert any problem into a skill for your client to learn and how to use the 15 steps of Kids’Skills to build motivation in your client and to mobilise your client’s social network to become active supporters for him or her. We will talk about how to work with smaller children as well as school kids and teenagers. And of course we will also talk about how to reach out to reluctant teens, how to respond to school absenteeism, PTSD, self-harming…. You name it. Whatever the problem, SFT has something valuable to offer.


Thursday Night 7pm - SFBT and suicide prevention

We will be hosting a community forum on suicide prevention run by Emma Burns. Emma has been running successful community forums on suicide prevention through her work with the New Zealand Police. Emma will be assisted by David Hains who runs suicide prevention workshops with the South Australian Government. The session will be held in the Rehua Building on the Uni of Canterbury campus. This event will be free and pitched at the general community, but conference delegates are welcome to attend and see a solution focused approach in action.

Friday 22/11/19

Conference Day 1 - start 8:00 am

Morning: Opening and cultural welcome. A bus will be organised to take delegates to Rapaki Marae just out of Christchurch for a formal welcome. Please have a look at this great youtube video for info about Rapaki Marae:

After lunch the bus will take us to Benny's Barbershop for a solution-focused challenge like none other. Do you have what it takes to be a cut above the rest? Big thanks to Ben from Benny's Barbershop for hosting us for the afternoon. 

On the way back to the Uni we will be stopping off at the Christchurch Botanic Gardens for "Solutions Focused in the Outdoors: A Guided Sensory Experience" hosted by Katherine Chapman and Roxy Bretton. 

At some time during the day (on the bus) we will hold the AASFBT AGM (open to all delegates, but only AASFBT members will be able to vote)


Friday night 7pm - Using SFBT with people who experience psychosis

This will be a 3-part presentation

Lyn Worsley will present a case study of a client that she saw through the Resilience Centre, highlighting the use of SFBT in building resilience and a positive, future-focused outlook.

Matt Ball, a nurse practitioner from Adelaide who has a lived-experience of psychosis. Matt does not have a background with SFBT, but will discuss what psychosis means, and how SFBT can be used with someone who is psychotic.

Michele Orr, a nurse practitioner from Adelaide, will talk on her perspective as clinician and as a mother and carer of someone with a diagnosis of schizophrenia.

The location will be the Rehua Building at the Uni of Canterbury. This will be open to both conference delegates and non-delegates (ie anyone with an interest in, or who work with, psychosis)


Saturday 23/11/19

Conference Day 2 will be a mix of small workshops and large presentations. 

In the evening there will be an informal conference dinner - we will organise it, but you will pay separately. It will be casual, not expensive, and hopefully within walking distance from the University.


Sunday 24/11/19

Conference Day 3 - Breakfast & discussion forum, morning workshop, and closing - Finish by 1100

Likely casual activities to be organised on Sunday afternoon and evening for anyone planning to stay.