Friday 22/11/2019 – Day 1

On Friday morning we will be heading to Tuahiri Marae for an opening powhiri and then an opening workshop on the use of SFBT with Maori culture

Awhi mai, awhi atu - embrace one another

Naku te rourou nau te rourou ka ora ai te iwi - with your basket and my basket the people will thrive. 
In this workshop we will walk you through the seven wahanga (parts) of a whānau hui (family meeting) and we will look at similarities with the solution focused practice approach. The workshop will be held at the Rapaki Marae, which will provide you with a similar experience during the pōwhiri (formal welcoming) process. The workshop will be interactive and creative.

Nicki Fredericks - Turuki Whakataha, ko wai au, ko Aoraki te mauka, ko Waitaki te Awa, ko Arai te uru raua ko Taki Timu nga waka, ko te Pahi Te Hapu, ko Otakou Te Marae, ko Tuhawaiki oku Rakatira, ko Tamariki te Kaiheraki oku Tupuna. Ko Nicky Frederick's taku inkoa, No reira tena koutou tena koutou tena ra koutou katoa.

Growing up we were encouraged to have a whanau hui every Sunday to korero to any 'take' and hui that until there was a resolution. You learnt to listen to hear not listen to respond. We attended tangihanga which over time become 'rite' and we learnt the same process occurred each time which I now know as Wahanga. Within my mahi Wahanga is paramount to providing a superior service to whanau, it's the Korowai if you like of quality practice.

Andrea Lemm is a Registered Social Worker with 16 years of social work experience in statutory child protection social work in Germany, England and in Aotearoa/ New Zealand. Her passion for solution focused practice started at University in Germany in 2002. She completed a certificate in Solution focused practice at BRIEF in London in 2008 (huge thanks to Chris Iveson and Guy Shennan her trainers at that time). Andrea and her family moved to New Zealand in 2012. She has been working as a social worker supervisor at Oranga Tamariki then Child, Youth and Family for the past seven years. Andrea and her friend Roxy Bretton have started a solution focused practitioner group in Dunedin in March 2017. Andrea is a Board Member of the AASFBT.


Benny’s Barbershop Challenge

After lunch we will head to Benny’s Barbershop for a solution-focused challenge like none other. The AASFBT would like to thank Ben from Benny’s Barbershop for hosting us. The event will be coordinated by David Hains. After the challenge we will invite our keynote speaker Ben Furman to do a full interview with a volunteer.

David is a mental health nurse from Adelaide who works in Australia’s busiest emergency department, within a system that insists he examine problems in the most minute detail. He loves SFBT because it gives him some respite from listening to other people’s problems. He strongly believes that it is not only good for his clients, but also that it fits very well with the basic tenants of nursing. David has won two nursing awards relating to his SFBT work: the 2016 South Australian Premier’s Nursing Scholarship (which took him to Canada to examine the use of SFBT in mental health settings), and the 2018 Achievement Award from the Australian College of Mental Health Nursing. David is the President of the Australasian Association of Solution Focused Brief Therapy, and coordinator of the South Australian SFBT Community of Practice. In 2019 David and his family (wife Athena, kids Hannah, Madeline, and Jedidiah) are spending the whole year in the Bay of Plenty on a working holiday.


Leaving the barbershop, we will head to the Christchurch Botanic Gardens for:

Solutions Focused in the outdoors - A guided Sensory Experience

This interactive experience will incorporate solutions focused techniques with the use of our senses and an understanding of mindfulness. This workshop will have an experiential focus, and we plan to have a collaborative discussion about creativity, mindfulness, and using the outdoors/nature in therapeutic settings while maintaining a solution-focused perspective. Wear comfortable clothing that is appropriate for the weather outside!

Roxy Bretton and Katherine Chapman have backgrounds in social work and counselling. They work for Adventure Development, an organisation that works with youth and families who want to make changes around mental health, A&OD use and other challenges. Both are passionate about holistic care that incorporates mindfulness and the outdoors in individual, group, and family work.


On Friday night we the AASFBT will hold another public seminar on

Using SFBT with people who experience psychosis

This workshop will explore the use of Solution Focused Brief Therapy from 3 different perspectives: a clinician, a carer, and someone with lived experience of psychosis. Support and treatment would be delivered from a resilience and strengths perspective to activate the strongest resource strengths available to the person, and highlighting these strengths to help them to flourish.

This seminar will be jointly presented by Lyn Worsley, Michele Orr, and Matt Ball.

Lyn is a Clinical Psychologist and a Registered Nurse. She is the Vice-President of the AASFBT, and Director of the Resilience Centre in Sydney Australia, which has a reputation for innovative solution -focused approaches to client change through individual and group therapies for over 21 years. At the Resilience Centre, Lyn supervises specialist psychologists, and coordinates community seminars, training workshops, and resilience groups for people of all ages. Lyn is also the author of the Resilience Doughnut, a pioneering model showing the strong contexts where resilience is enhanced, both during development and throughout adulthood. The Resilience Doughnut has now become a foundational ecological model of resilience which is recognised internationally.

Michele is a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner who established the Brief Intervention Clinic in 2011 then expanded to Brief Intervention Team in 2014.  She has been practising SFBT for 9 years.  The Brief Intervention Team, lead by Michele, practice SFBT which is embedded in their Model of Care and Service Description. The team see people for up to 6 sessions who have been referred from all areas in the Adult Mental Health Program in an Eastern Melbourne Health Service.  Michele provides SFBT supervision to her team, has created a Community of Practice within her Health Service and a Melbourne chapter for SF Practitioners.  She is also a private Solution Focused supervisor. Michele has more than 25 years experience in Mental Health and has found the SFBT approach is ideally suited for people in supporting them to strive toward their best hopes. Michele has a "foot in both camps" as the carer of a loved one who lives with mental ill health.   

Matt is a Nurse Practitioner who is co-director of the Humane Clinic in Adelaide. In 2017 Matt won the Mental Health Nurse of the Year Award from the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses. Matt is known nationally and internationally for his work in the understanding and treatment of psychosis, using his personal lived experience in developing a more personal and humane way to relate with people. Matt doesn't have a background with SFBT, but many of his thoughts and and approach actually aligns well with a solution focused approach. Matt will be talking about what are the things to do and not to do when talking to someone who is experiencing psychosis.