Thursday 21 November 2019 - pre-conference workshop


Ben Furman pre-conference workshop

Kids’Skills – a simple, practical, positive, and easy-to-learn solution-focused approach to helping kids and adults alike.

Kids’Skills is an effective, creative and fun and completely solution-focused protocol for helping children, teenagers and even adults to overcome all kinds of psychological problems from innocent bad habits to aggressive outbursts of anger, and from depression to OCD. During the day you will learn how to convert any problem into a skill for your client to learn and how to use the 15 steps of Kids’Skills to build motivation in your client and to mobilise your client’s social network to become active supporters for him or her. We will talk about how to work with smaller children as well as school kids and teenagers. And of course we will also talk about how to reach out to reluctant teens, how to respond to school absenteeism, PTSD, self-harming…. You name it. Whatever the problem, SFT has something valuable to offer.

Ben Furman is a psychiatrist, psychotherapist and an internationally renowned teacher of solution-focused therapy, coaching and organisational development.

Ben has written some twenty books many of which have been translated to a number of foreign languages. He is renowned internationally as a trainer of solution-focused psychology and an active innovator of solution-focused methods and tools such as Kids’ Skills and Steps of Responsibility for helping children overcome problems and Reteaming, Twin-Star and Cooperation for teaching solution-focused psychology for leaders and staff of and organisations.