Present at the Conference

We would LOVE to have you submit an abstract for the 2019 AASFBT Conference.

Please note that we plan to program a mix of theory and practice, however we will generally give priority to presentations with both a focus on practice and that include practice-based activities.

However if you have a suggestion for a presentation on theory, research, or something else we would still like to hear about it and we will try to schedule you in. 

We hope to move away from a traditional-type conference, and we would encourage people to think outside the square. Here are some suggestions, but we encourage you to use your imagination:

  • Live demonstration & discussion
  • Group activities
  • Supervision stall
  • Videos & discussion
  • Host a SF movie night in the evening
  • A pre-breakfast walking/exercise/yoga group that encorporates a SF approach
  • Link up with colleagues overseas and host a SF discussion via the web (e.g. get a high-profile SF colleague to do something via video link)
  • Bring in a guest who can talk about how a SF approach has helped their organisation
  • Run an activity for the Uni of Canterbury students

Be creative!