Thursday 10 November 202218:30 - 20:00Add to calendar

Glenside Hospital Learning Centre

Join us for this meeting, where we will be hearing from our guest presenter, Ben Buttfield.

Ben is a mental health occupational therapist and chiropractor working with both young boys and adult men. Ben is the co-founder of The Southern Men’s Gathering ( which is a weekend retreat designed to improve the psychosocial wellbeing of men. Ben is a passionate cultural activist whose sense of purpose is to positively influence the culture of masculinity.
The call to the community:
Dear community members,
I have recently created a group mentoring program for men in their midlife based upon occupational therapy theory, masculinities research and solution focused therapy. The objective of this program is for men to reflect upon traditional masculine norms, investigate how these have influenced their life choices, and then explore how they can add more meaning and or purpose to their lives. I have some ideas around how to implement solution focused therapy, but I would really appreciate your help by sharing your wisdom and experience in a discussion about how to incorporate SFT with groups of men.

Session outline:
1. Ice breaker activity – fun and brief
2. Brief discussion about my background and interest in masculinity
3. Present the outline of the program and my ideas about how to use SFT
4. Ask for input and ideas from the group and see where the discussion goes.

Place - Glenside Hospital Learning Centre
Date - Monday 10/11
Time 6.30 for networking & nibbles, 6.45 for the presentation

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