Monday 22 August 20229:00 - 16:30Add to calendar

Vogue Theatre, 25 Belair Road, Kingswood, SA, 5062, AustraliaView map

This will be an intermediate level workshop on Solution-Focused Approaches, targeted at people who have at least some knowledge and experience in using the approach, building on the learning and experience that you have already gained from/since completing the SF1 Introduction Workshop. There will be an assumption that you have already tried using the approach in your own workplace. If you have been to Solution Focused training elsewhere I would still recommend that you first attend my SF1 Introduction Workshop as this SF2 workshop builds upon what we have already done in SF1. Solution-Focused Approaches has its roots in Solution Focused Brief Therapy, however it is more than just a therapy. This approach can be use in just about any area from general health care, mental health, business/corporate areas, team building, school/university/education, sporting teams ... virtually anywhere that people are involved. It is a really positive approach to just about any situation, not only for our clients, but also for the clinician, carer, manager or team member. The basic concepts and techniques of this approach can be used in all of our interactions with our clients, customers and colleagues, basically with anyone who wants to improve an aspect of their lives. So, this should not be seen simply as a ‘therapy’ but also as a way of communicating in a positive and future-focused way. The purpose of this workshop is to take your solution-focused knowledge and skills to the next level. During the day there will be a significant amount of interaction and practice to consolidate your knowledge, skills, and confidence in the approach. Please look out for future workshops in advanced level solution-focused approaches.

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