Local Solution Focused groups

AASFBT supports local "affiliate" groups. These groups of Solution-Focused practitioners provide opportunity for networking, support and seminars. The groups are most likely geographically defined; however, it would also be possible for a group to include SF practitioners working in a particular context. Details on affiliated groups HERE.


Solution-Focused practitioners register

We are often asked if there are Solution-Focused practitioners in particular areas. Therefore, we have started a list of members who offer therapy services and/or supervision. 2019 Members of the AASFBT can register your details HERE.



2018 conference

The FOURTH Australian & New Zealand Solution-Focused Conference was held in Melbourne, 20–22 July 2018, at the University of Melbourne. Some of the speakers have agreed to make available copies of their presentation or other resources. These are available HERE.

2019 conference in Christchurch 

The FIFTH Australian and New Zealand Solution-Focused Conference will be held at the University of Canterbury, in Christchurch, New Zealand 20–23 November 2019. Confirmed keynote speaker is Ben Furman, from Finland. More details are now available on our conference page.

Latest News

Special guest coming to Christchurch

The AASFBT is happy to announce that Dr Jaseem Koorankot from India is coming to the conference in Christchurch

New SFBT group in Rotorura NZ

A new SFBT interest group will be starting soon in Rotorura.


There was a great representation of AASFBT members at the recent SFP Aotearoa Conference in Napier, New Zealand

New "local" SF group

A new group has started for people who use SF approaches in teaching & education

Members Area

New on the AASFBT Website

Journal of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

The JSFBT is an international journal published by AASFBT for the international Solution-Focused community. The association has attempted to publish 2 editions per year, but this has proven to be more difficult than we anticipated and we are subsequently behind in publication. The editorial board are still working on the next edition, however we regret to say that we cannot guarantee that we provide copies as part of membership (as was previously promised). The board appologises for not being able to provide what was originally promised. We hope to notify both current and former members in the near future when the journal gets back on track. 

New Zealand news

The NZ one-day Solution-Focused conference was held in Napier, New Zealand on 19 March 2019. This conference was not an AASFBT event; however, the Board of AASFBT were pleased to endorse this conference and help support SF activities in NZ. There were presentations by AASFBT President David Hains, Vice-President Emma Burns, Board Member Andrea Lemm, and Life Member Brent Gardner. Keynote speaker was Elliott Connie who also ran a 2 day masterclass.  At the same time as the conference, Michael Durrant ran SF workshops to over 60 people in Hamilton and Rotorura. It seems like SFBT is alive and well in NZ, and interest now is turning towards the AASFBT Conference in Christchurch. 

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