2024 ASFA conference


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Scholarships are available for financial assistance to attend. Please download and read this document


The Journal of Solution Focused Brief Therapy was originally published by the AASFBT. In 2019 the AASFBT appointed a new editor (Sara Smock Jordan) and established a new international collaboration to to help produce the journal. The new journal was officially re-launched as the Journal of Solution Focused Practices. 

In Jan 2023 Sara has stepped down as editor and Mark McKergow stepped into the role, while Alex Ashida (U.K.) took over from David Hains as the coordinator/manager. You can contact Alex via email if you have any thoughts or questions about publishing or sponsorship, and contact Mark if you have any questions about publishing a paper. 

Please take a look at the new JSFP website where you can find the current edition plus all of the past editions, including the original Journal of Solution Focused Brief Therapy.

Latest News

Solution-Focused Practitioners Register

We are often asked if there are members who offer therapy services, coaching, training or supervision in Solution Focus in particular areas. Therefore, we have started a list of members who offer solution focused approaches in ANY field. Full Members of ASFA can register your details HERE (note that your details will be removed if you do not renew your membership).



Local Solution Focused groups

ASFA supports local "affiliate" groups. These groups of Solution-Focused practitioners provide opportunity for networking, support and seminars. The groups are most likely geographically defined; however, it would also be possible for a group to include SF practitioners working in a particular context. Details on affiliated groups HERE, but please also check our Events Page.


Name change to the ASFA

During the 2020 AGM members voted on a special resolution to change the name of the association to the Australasian Solution Focused Association in order to reflect the growing applications of Solution Focused approaches outside of Solution Focused Brief Therapy. 

Keep informed

As the Australasian Solution Focused Association, we recognise and understand that there is a need for listening, healing, and reconciliation in the communities where we live and work. We are committed to journeying forward together and using our association to progress listening, healing, and reconciliation. We welcome opportunities to partner with Communities to achieve their best hopes. Our aims as an association are to be an inviting, culturally safe place where every person is valued and welcomed, and where we can story, walk, and learn together. We hope to achieve this by partnering with the people and Communities where we live and work, as well as using our platform and resources to promote authentic relationships and reconciliation. In our Aotearoa (New Zealand) context this means commitment to honouring and enacting Te Tiriti o Waitangi (Treaty of Waitangi)

ASFA Monthly Meetings

ASFA Members are invited to join us each month for a meeting which may include a presentation, case study, discussion, activity, group supervision, or just to hang out and chat.

In July 2021 we were happy to have life member Michael Durrant present for us, and you can view this session here.

In December 2021 our (then) President David Hains presented on Single Session Therapy. Here is a section of David's workshop.