ASFA aims to further the practice of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (and the use of the Solution-Focused approach in other contexts) in Australia and New Zealand.

In many ways, the formation of the Association in 2013 was the next logical step in the development of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy "down under". The European Brief Therapy Association (EBTA — founded by a group which included Steve de Shazer and Insoo Berg) has been holding conferences, promoting research and coordinating information in Europe for around 15 years. The Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Association (SFBTA) has been playing a similar role in North America for most of the last decade. It was about time that we think about how to develop some kind of "identity" for Solution-Focused practitioners in Australia and New Zealand.

The Association is incorporated as a non-profit association under the NSW Associations Incorporation Act. This limits the liability of members and office bearers for any debts the Association may incur. Having this legal status is important, since it allows us to operate as a Solution-Focused "entity" and — hopefully — lends credibility to the Association and, by extension, to the Solution-Focused approach. One of the intangible benefits of being a member of ASFA is that you are contributing to the broader recognition of Solution-Focused as a legitimate approach. There are Solution-Focused professional associations in more than fifteen countries (or groups of countries). The existence of a properly established professional association helps add credibility to Solution-Focused practice.



The Objects for which the association has been formed are:

  • To promote and develop the profile of the psychotherapeutic approach known as "Solution Focused Brief Therapy" in Australia and New Zealand, recognising that the approach is applied in counselling/therapy settings and also in broader settings.
  • To provide networking opportunities for members using, or wishing to use, Solution Focused Brief Therapy in their work.
  • (Possibly ... in the future) to develop standards and accredit practitioners in their use of Solution Focused Brief Therapy.
  • To provide advisory, consultancy and support services to members and to individuals, groups, organisations or others engaged in or connected with Solution Focused Brief Therapy.
  • To promote the interests of members of the Association in their professional activities.
  • To publish (or support the publication of) a journal for the academic and professional advancement of Solution Focused Brief Therapy; to publish a newsletter, other literature and/or to maintain a website for the purposes of distributing information and advancing the objects of the association.
  • To organise and conduct training courses, events and conferences for the purpose of continuing professional development of members and other professionals.
  • To organise (or authorise the organisation of) local or regional groups of members to carry out the activities of the Association in a particular geographical, professional or interest area.
  • To develop and maintain codes of ethics, practice and guidance for members and the profession.
  • To provide information about solution focused approaches to the general public.
  • To collaborate with, enter into association with, or cooperate with any other association having similar objects.