2019 AASFBT Conference         

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The 2019 AASFBT Conference was held at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch NZ, November 21-24.

Proceedings started with a full-day workshop with Ben Furman.

The Conference proper started on Friday the 22nd, and finished with a breakfast and discussion forum on Sunday 24 November.

There were open door evening activities on Thursday and Friday night which were free and open to the general public. 65 people attended on Thursday night, most of whom were not conference delegates, and a slightly smaller number on Friday night.


The AASFBT greatly appreciate the support and care provided by the following people/groups/business:

Dr Shanee Barraclough and team at the UoC for hosting the conference

Ben Scott from Benny's Barbershop for hosting us on Friday afternoon

Rapaki Marae for hosting us on Friday morning