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On the 28th of July 2020 we officially launched the new version of the JSFP with 3 online celebrations in 3 different time zones. It was great to see so many people present from all over the world. The Journal is now officially published by the University of Nevada Las Vegas and you can find it here.

On the 8th of June 2020 we held the first meeting of the International Management Committee who will oversee the administration of the journal. Joining ASFA were representatives from various Solution Focused organisations from Italy, China, UK, Switzerland, USA, Singapore, Sweden and Austria. Since then we have also welcomed the EBTA and they will be raising money through a new crowd funding page

The journal continues to evolve! We are happy that the Journal of Solution Focused Brief Therapy is now known as the Journal of Solution Focused Practices. Same journal, same editor & team, but highlighting that we are not just about 'therapy'. 

The previous editions of the JSFBT including our vol3 no1 (which was our special fund raising edition) are now available for free download via the UNLV site. We are very happy to make these available for you for free.

The journal will be available for FREE for EVERYONE. You will not have to pay for a subscription, and you will not have to be a member of the ASFA. The journal is available for a free and instant download. HOWEVER, this does not mean that the journal costs nothing to produce. We expect that the cost to produce 2 editions per year will be around US$10000 per year. We will be relying on support from the international SF community. We will be looking to collect money in the following ways:

  • Through corporate, group and individual donations
  • Through international SF organisations either making a regular payment (as a sponsor) or a one-off payment (as a donor).

You can view a list of partners, sponsors, and donors here.

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For any inquiries about the journal you can contact us;

    For editorial inquiries contact Sara

    For general inquiries contact David



David Hains

President ASFA

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