News Update - JSFBT

September 2019

The next edition of the JSFBT is now available for purchase. This is a special fund-raising edition and is for sale via this website for AUD$37 (that's about: USD$25, Euro 22.5, UK Pounds 20.5). The journal will be available as an instant download when you pay. Have a look here at the table of contents. While you are purchasing the single edition, your payment effectively covers the next 2 editions as well.

We are happy to say that in 2020 we will be shifting to an open access platform. This means that from 2020 the journal will be available for FREE for EVERYONE. You will not have to pay for a subscription, and you will not have to be a member of the AASFBT. The journal will be available for a free and instant download.

HOWEVER, this does not mean that the journal costs nothing to produce. We expect that the cost to produce 2 editions per year will be between $10000 and $15000 usd per year. We will be relying on support from the international SF community. We will be looking to collect money in the following ways:

You can also purchase previous copies of the JSFBT, either individual copies or as a set of 4. There will be a limited amount available at the EBTA conference and the AASFBT conference. If you go to this page you will see the various options including postage for Australia and New Zealand, and for the rest of the world.

We will shortly be announcing a new international collaboration who will join the AASFBT in publishing the journal, as well as the details on how to purchase the 2019 special edition. 

For any inquiries about the journal you can contact us;

    For editorial inquiries contact Sara

    For general inquiries contact David



David Hains

President AASFBT

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