(Incorporated under the NSW Associations Incorporation Act 2009)



The Australasian Solution Focused Association Incorporated (ASFA) has amongst its Objects:

  • To promote and develop the profile of the psychotherapeutic approach known as "Solution Focused Brief Therapy" in Australia and New Zealand, recognising that the approach is applied in counselling/therapy settings and also in broader settings.
  • To provide networking opportunities for members using, or wishing to use, Solution Focused Brief Therapy in their work.
  • To collaborate with, enter into association with, or cooperate with any other association having similar objects.

ASFA recognises that a key way to promote these Objects is through the formation of local or regional groups and it wishes to support such local groups as much as possible. These groups would normally be defined around a particular geographical area (e.g. the Hawkes Bay, NZ Solution-Focused group ); however, a group might choose to be defined around a particular area of interest (e.g., the Solution-Focused in Correctional settings group).

This agreement is between the xyz SF group and the Board of ASFA.

The xyz SF group agrees:

  • To convene a group of Solution-Focused practitioners in the agreed area;
  • To nominate a designated liaison person, to be the contact between the group and the Board of the Association. This person will be a financial member of the Association;
  • That the group will meet at least four times each year and will be open to anyone who shares the focus/interest of the group;
  • That the group will advertise itself as "an affiliated local group of the Australasian Solution Focused Association Incorporated";
  • That the group will actively promote the Association (and membership of the Association);
  • That the designated liaison person will provide a report to the Board of the Association one month before the Association's Annual General Meeting each year;
  • That the designated liaison person will maintain membership of the Association;
  • That the group is NOT a subcommittee of the Association, but is an independent group that chooses to be an affiliated group of the Association.

The Association agrees:

  • To promote the group on the ASFA web site and to advertise to members any activities of the group;
  • To promote the group directly to anyone who becomes a member of the Association and is from the group's target audience;
  • To offer any administrative support as may be relevant;
  • To consider fairly any request for financial support from the group.


To discuss forming a group — or your existing group becoming an affiliated group of the Association — Australian groups should contact Lyn Worsley and New Zealand groups should contact Emma Burns.