One of the original aims of the Association was "to organise local or regional groups ... to carry out the activities of the Association in a particular geographical, professional or interest area".

These independent groups of Solution-Focused practitioners will provide opportunity for networking, support and small meetings or seminars. The groups will most probably be geographically-determined; however, it would also be possible for a group to form to include SF practitioners working in a particular context (e.g. SF in schools, or SF in corrections, etc.). The Board has decided to make the relationship between local groups and ASFA as flexible as possible. Thus, such groups will remain independent groups and will not become subcommittees of the Association.

We will advertise affiliated groups here and we will also have the provision for them to advertise particular events and news on a dedicated "Local Groups News" page.

If you have a local group — or are interested in exploring a group in a particular geographical area or a particular area of focus — and are interested in becoming an affiliated group of the Association — Australian groups should contact Jason Pascoe and New Zealand groups should contact Emma Burns.

The Local Groups Affiliation Agreement can be seen HERE.