Franceschi Foundation Onlus - THANK YOU!

  • 5 September 2019
  • David Hains

On behalf of the Journal of Solution Focused Brief Therapy I would like to publicly thank the Franceschi Foundation Onlus for their generous donation of E1000 (AUD$1567.89).
This was an absolutely unprompted and unasked for donation. I had originally contacted Andrea, Sonia and Gianluca (the organising team of the EBTA Conference) to ask if we could do some promotion of the journal during the conference, and this is what happened. 
This money will be used to transfer the JSFBT onto an open-access platform via the University of Nevada Las Vegas so that from 2020 the journal will be available FREE of charge to everybody. 
Once we establish ourselves with UNLV we will not be able to sell future editions or have paid subscriptions. To cover our costs we will rely on donations from organisations and individuals, and other avenues such as special fund-raising and sponsorship. 
So, we greatly appreciate the generous donation from the Franceschi Foundation Onlus, and we wish them and the EBTA Conference Committee every success in the future.

Please join me in thanking the Franceschi Foundation Onlus.

About David Hains

David is the President of the ASFA.

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