The monthly members meeting is a top perk enjoyed by ASFA members.


Our first meeting will take place on 20 February, at 8pm New Zealand Time (6pm AEDT).

Our special guest will be Katrin Berger from Germany.

Katrin introduces herself in her own words…..

Ever since the Hattie study, which investigated the impact factors for successful learning in schools, we have known that the relationship between teachers and pupils and between young people themselves is the main factor in enabling them to utilise and develop their potential at school. A solution- and resource-focussed attitude and methodology is an excellent way to create a framework for such relationship-strengthening interactions. All that is needed is a teacher, a school social worker or another specialist who works in the school context and is prepared to create a solution-focussed environment.

Katrin is married, mother and bonus mother of two grown-up sons. She lives near Bremen (Germany). As a qualified pedagogue, family therapist and mediator, she works in a counselling centre for schools. She also works part-time as the owner of the "Lösungswerkstatt", where she offers SF training in addition to counselling and mediation. Together with others, she coordinates networks for school workers, both regionally and internationally. Occasionally, she also gives lectures or conducts workshops internationally.

Katrin will give a brief, interactive insight into her solution-focussed work with children, young people, schools and teams.

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