We welcome your submissions for a workshop at the 2024 Conference

Please start preparing your workshop/presentation for our 2024 conference. We would love to showcase your fantastic work, hear your ideas, or have you lead us in an interactive activity. We love to see innovation and original ideas, and 1st-time presenters are especially welcome!

If you have any questions about the conference then please contact Dion Sing.

Please submit your proposal and any questions to Jason Pascoe

Please complete this form to submit your workshop proposal.


Conference Framework: Workshops

Whilst not wanting to be prescriptive, we offer this framework as a guide and possible structure to share your experiences, insights and effective practices.  Use the above link to complete and submit your proposal (this link will take you to an external Google Docs form). 

1. Which theme fits your workshop best?

  • Leading: Your experience as a leader or working with leaders
  • Learning:  Something you have learned about SF and how you have put it into practice, research, and ideas for expanding your success with SF.
  • Practice:  Case studies, stories of implementation

2. Will you share one or all of the following?

  • Wins – What’s different for you (or others?)? What difference has that made for you (or others)?
  • Aha! moments – what surprised you (or others)?  How did you do that?  What will you keep doing?
  • What works – contextual approaches and applications.

3. Where might your ideas for the workshop fit?

Conference Themes

  Leading Learning Practice




Aha! moments      
What works      

Workshop Proposal Submission

Objective: Encourage potential facilitators to submit workshop proposals that align with the conference themes: Leading, Learning, and Practice, focusing on wins, aha moments, and effective solution-focused approaches.

Structure: 45-minute Workshop

  • Title: Clear and engaging, reflecting the essence of the workshop.
  • Abstract (150 words max): Brief description highlighting the workshop's relevance to one or more of the strands and its expected outcomes.
  • Workshop Strand: Identify the primary strand (Leading, Learning, Practice) the workshop addresses.
  • Learning Objectives: Outline 1-3 key takeaways for participants.
  • Interactive Elements: Describe how the workshop will engage participants (e.g., group discussions, case studies, interactive exercises).
  • Presenter(s) Bio: Short biography of the presenter(s) emphasising their expertise in solution-focused approaches.